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Your Personal Coach

Begin your journey to wellness with Diana, an empathetic coach who gives you undivided attention in a no-judgement space.

Diana Rising

Hello, friend! I'm Diana, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I would love to guide you to the joy of feeling good in all areas of your life.


As a young adult I developed a skin condition on my hands that got so bad for a while that I could no longer hold a pencil. Steroid creams provided some relief, but as time passed I needed stronger and stronger creams. I finally decided to quit using them because they provided no cure. 

As a new mother I began to hear about healing from the inside out--making food & lifestyle changes that could put chronic illness into remission. Thrilled with this concept, I have since listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts on functional health--treating root causes of disease--and have worked with functional doctors to heal my gut. My eczema is now almost completely gone. 

Along my journey I discovered that eating physically supportive, nutritious food is a key to unlocking better health. Other keys come from lifestyle changes, including movement, emotions, thought patterns, sleep, relationships, and more. I became a health coach so I can help others find the joy of healing from within.

In my spare time I enjoy doing tai chi, gardening, reading, communing with nature, relaxing with family & friends, cooking, and meditating. I love traveling with my family and have inflicted multiple cross-country road trips on them. 


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition


MA in Korean Literature, Harvard University

MA in Korean Studies, Seoul National University

BA in Comparative Literature, BYU Provo

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