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“Diana rising is recognized as a Metalcore band which is a hybrid of the genres metal and hardcore. Also inspired by deathcore, the band mix different aspects of subgenres of extreme metal. Main elements are sick breakdowns, blast beats and growls  associated to ambiant and aerial leads and programming. The band was created in 2012 by Pierre Ansart (drums), David Luciani (Bass) and Loïc Foechterlé (Lead guitar). During their first tour in 2014 Jéremie Djé Pasqualin (vocals) joint the band. In 2015, Arnaud Seven (rythm guitar) joind the band after their first European tour.  After playing more than hundred shows at local venue with bands like Betraying the Martyrs and Shoot the girl first (East of France) they produced their 2 first EP, « Eon through the Mist » in 2014 and « Guardians » in 2015. These 2 Ep’s and shows permitted to the band to etablish a strong and powerful live prestation. They found the way to share energy with the public and transport them into their sick and ambient world. Several music videos has been released to develop their visibility on the web, « Way Too Weak » (Green Valley studio – 2014) , « Hidden Cosmos » (James Cam’rhum – 2015),  « Ancestral » (Medl prod – 2015), « Diamond clouds » (Medl Prod – 2016). End of 2016, they plan to release their 1st Album « Stars can’t shine without darkness » with the first single « diamond clouds » out in June 2016 on the compilation of the Dooweet Agency. They also planned to do a tour in Mexico to promote their new album.”




2017         Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Nowhere Recordings

2015          Guardians (EP)

Self produced

2014          Eon Thourgh The Myst

Self produced